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Q: How to give username and password on iOS and Andriod Devices I am trying to run an automation script where I login to my Gmail account and the script runs after login. But I am getting error as “App Transport Security has blocked a cleartext HTTP ( resource load since it is insecure”. I have followed the steps on Google Official website as mentioned below : But this is not working on my mobile devices. Kindly help me in this. Thanks. A: I was getting same error while testing some functionality, and I got working solution, the error may be different but the below logic may help you to solve this error. I faced this error while testing app from production server to test app. Solution: Go to production Server setting Select "Allow All HTTP traffic" Go back to your device and it will start working. But what if you, instead of limiting yourself to the vanilla diet of meats and veggies and bread, decided to add some spices into your repertoire? There are actually quite a few foods you can pair with pumpkin spice to make a great tasting and nutritious alternative to pumpkin pie. To get you started, here are ten great options. 1. Parsnips Parsnips are another vegetable often overlooked in favor of the more glamorous carrot. They are often mixed into soup or mashed up to form delicious, creamy mashed potatoes. And they are a great option if you want to enjoy a tasty, nutritious, and low-calorie alternative to pumpkin pie. Parsnips contain lots of nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and iron. They also contain vitamin K, which helps the body to utilize vitamin C. They also contain phosphorus, which helps the body to utilize iron and promotes muscle growth. Parsnips are a bit tricky to cook, so make sure you read up on how to cook them and get the most out of them. 2. Pears Pears are versatile. They can be eaten raw, cooked, or even in a dessert. The trick to cooking pears is to not cook them too long, or the pears will lose their shape. Pears have a flavor that can stand up to the spices in pumpkin pie and



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