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I Don't Give A F*%k About Your Story

This blog has been bubbling away for quite some time as the OW energy has irritated my skin. Like I walked into a spider's web, I didn't see, and got it stuck all over me. It's an icky, sticky feeling of wanting to erase something invisible from my skin, but I can't quite get it off. No matter how much I brush, that feeling of something still being there, annoys the shit out of me. It's like being haunted by an energy. That's what it feels like. It's so heavy, so icky, so urgggghh*shudder* it's difficult to describe.

I have always been very empathic. For many years it has been quite a curse, but in the last few years, I have learnt to embrace it, use it and see it as quite a superpower. The best way to describe it is like feeling in 3D. Certain feelings and energies form 3D sensations for me. Like an unseen, but very clear representation of what their energy is transmitting out into the world. I wanted to share with you what has been forming and manifesting around this woman. It will be interesting to see if any of you can relate. Obviously, I can only speak for my experience. This is NOT a generalisation of all affair partners, which is why it will be interesting to see if this resonates with your views and experiences of the woman who had an affair with your husband.

Over the last two and a half years I have tried to be dignified. I have tried to be compassionate and understanding, despite there being very little compassion and understanding shown for me. I have fought off the most intensely overwhelming emotions of wanting to maim, kill and destroy this woman, as I understand there are reasons behind every single one of us and our actions. I understand we are all shaped by our experiences. We all have conditioning and beliefs that affect how we see the world and treat the people in it. know what?

I could not give a fuck about this woman's story. I do not give a fuck about what happened in her life that made her so uncaring about families and other people's relationships. I don't give a fuck that her self-esteem is so low, she's got to hang around marriages, looking for weaknesses or a chance to sneak in and feed off the inevitable cracks there are in long-term relationships. Like a dementor gaining strength from other people's misfortune, unable to generate esteem naturally. It just makes her one of life's parasitical bottom feeders, masquerading as a normal person. A creature incapable of the strength and character it takes to form long-lasting relationships of her own, so she feeds off the unfortunate scraps of other peoples' weaknesses and struggles.


Her story of who hurt her in the past, how her parents did or didn't show her love, what she learnt about families and relationships is not a reason to try to wade in and destroy other people's lives because she is getting some sort of delusional fix from it. No remorse, no awareness, no care in the world for the utter destruction and devastation that was created. Walking through life repeating the same pattern without a second thought, or even recognition for the fallout from the last time she did it, simply because she is totally sucked into the bullshit, charade of limerance and its fantastical rush. She thinks it's real!! She thinks there's a genuine connection and meaning to these relationships, even though she gets dumped every time. So fucking laughable. So fucking pathetic. So fucking clueless.

So clueless she believes her own narrative. And when I say narrative, I mean the stories she has created in her own mind to justify the behaviours she knows, she absolutely knows, are extremely questionable and downright shitty. The justifications, the blame-shifting, the denial. So entrenched in her own righteousness, she's physically unable to accept any culpability whatsover. I am just the poor sucker who got caught in the crossfire of your pitiful story. The poor individual, minding my own business, who got chosen for you to leach off for your next fix. Urrrrggggh *shudder*.

*Brushes arms vigourously to get rid of the cobwebs*

One day you're going to try and feed off the wrong person and, I think I've said it before, I really fucking hope they put it on Facebook!



Steve Kelly, I once respected your morals and values regarding family, but now I realise you're no different from the rest. Especially with everything that is going on with Sam


As the title says! “I don’t give a fuck” about Steve Kelly and Alice Hundy both are idiots and betrayed their partners and lied to the friends and family ( one more than the other)


Behind closed doors, the truth of Steve Kelly and Alice “AJ” Hundy’s betrayal reverberates through their once-respected image in the community. Steve, previously regarded as honorable, shattered the trust of his marriage by engaging in both physical and emotional infidelity. His partner, devastated by his actions, chose to reconcile, despite the depth of his deceit.

Similarly, Alice, known for her charm, succumbed to repeated acts of infidelity while maintaining the facade of commitment. Her husband, though aware of her transgressions of pursuing a dying woman’s husband multiple times,forgave her, compromising the sanctity of their bond.

Their hollow intimacy serves as a haunting reminder of their indiscretions, leaving observers to question how they can sleep at night, knowing the betrayal that…

Replying to

i wouldn't worry about having to avoid them, both will be hiding in shame! and i would say Alice Hundy's husband won't be letting her out of his sight as from the rumours this isn't the first time for her (unless he is one of those types) and as for steve kelly well he will be looking after his wife as her condition has deteriorated and is in decline now.


J - I'm sending this story on behalf of my sister who is dealing with a cheating husband. I have sisters just like you and one of them is dealing with this same horrible issue. For my sister and her 4 children who are struggling and in pain, I have so much hatred for the AP. Since we all live in the same town, I want to drop by her place and make her sorry for the day she moved into our town and handed my brother in-law her phone number. This bitch feels justified being with my brother in-law because my brother in-law shared the woes of their marriage and this girl, pathetic loser that she is, believes…


I literally want to text this to her right now. She was my friend - she KNEW what she was doing. This is SO SPOT ON.

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