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At the time of starting this blog (September 2019), it was exactly a year since my husband of 12 years was in the middle of a six week affair. I'm sharing this, why? Because, my God, there has to be some other purpose for all the shit I have experienced this last year. Plus, when I was informed the woman involved with my husband had had a previous relationship with another married man, I felt inspired to make a stand for the invisible, inconsequential entity of "the wife" myself, and so many others, become during an affair and explain exactly what infidelity does. If it helps someone think twice, or find their way through the devastating aftermath of betrayal, then it's been worth it.


If you have found yourself feeling ambushed, lost, utterly insignificant and the heartbroken casualty of someone else's actions, as I was, I see you and I know how much this hurts. I know you are bleeding but you are not broken and you are not alone. I am with you, always. This is my story. I Am The Wife.

If you are a betrayed spouse and resonate with anything you read. Please register, comment and ask questions. I'm happy to write in response to what people need. My journey is your journey. We are all in this together. x

Now, where the f**k do I start?!!

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